We are on the cusp of change.
This is the beginning of the revolution.

JUST BREATHE London is the first modern meditation community
created and curated by wellness warrior, global yogi and modern meditation leader Michael James Wong

Join us at the next gathering as we bring together a community to sit and find stillness. It’s time to JUST BREATHE.
Come and sit with us and participate in one of our meditation events and see how things change for the better.

Everyone is welcome, the modern meditation movement is now, it's time to wake up and step into your life. 

JUST BREATHE is on a mindful mission to create calm in the city of London and beyond.
With an aim to gather the masses, Wong's vision is to create and cultivate a community of quiet. 


We live in a busy world & day-to-day life can be chaotic. Especially in London It's a grind.
But we are on the cusp of change. The time is now. It's time to wake up, and sit down.

JUST BREATHE is the first modern meditation community in the heart of the UK
where we come together to create an oasis of space amidst the London hustle,
and it’s about time.

Each event will starts with music & an introduction to meditation & mindfulness,

throughout the event you'll have the chance to connect with a like-minded community in London who are all there for the same reason.
The night will culminate with a group meditation (20mins) to seal in the evening. 

Check out our next gathering HERE

Join the mindful movement, the time is now
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