WELCOME TO SUNDAY SCHOOL YOGA, a teacher's playground!

Sunday School Yoga was Founded by Michael James Wong & Emily-Clare Hill as a yoga teachers community to help support, guide and mentor new and developing yogi's as they find their hands, feet and voice as teachers. 

Now just so we're all on the same page, Sunday School Yoga isn't about tell you what is 'right' and 'wrong' or giving you ʻrules' to teach the practice, rather itʼs about sharing experience, opinions and different perspectives from senior teachers while providing a space for continued learning and community as they build their confidence as new teachers.

Sunday School is aimed at teachers in their first 1-3 years of teaching, but this is by no means a rule or requirement! In fact every School session is open to any and all teachers who want to learn, share and be a part of a wider community. Together we learn, together we grow, together we are one.


Each month at the SSY gathering, our Mentors lead a lecture & teaching module about a different theme within the art of teaching, and then set you off to practice with your fellow Sunday Schoolers for a hands on experience. Each session will culminate with a group-taught class by participating Schoolers with feedback, tips & tricks and constructive criticism (and maybe some tough love) shared at the end.

Our monthly gathers are open to all, you simply need to apply on sundayschoolyoga.com to enrol. Once all signed up, you're welcome to sign up and join any and all SSY events (space pending).

And what's even better is donation based*. Sunday School is about the community, 
It's an opportunity for Senior Teachers to give back and share their knowledge and experience, and for new teachers, it's a way to becoming a part of the ever growing community of teachers in London.


This is an Advanced Studies 50hr course (over 5 days) that will cover 8 teaching modules that will help progressively build your skills for real world teaching. 

This course is different than our monthly community gatherings, this is a full sequential course...and WOW is it thorough! 
Get your pens and paper at the ready, your thinking caps on, your best hugs and biggest smiles, and join us for the next SSY Course

The course will be structured around 8 specific topics of teaching but still with the same ceremony, fun and community of the monthly SSY's with more depth of information, structure and practical application. 

If you're serious about your development as a teacher, then this course is for you "Once you stop learning, you stop living"  
Throughout the course we'll topics such as,
- Finding your voice
- Holding space as a teacher
- Cuing & dialogue
- Assisting vs. adjusting
- How to read the body mechanics
- Creative sequencing and intelligent alignment of the body
- Class theming & teaching philosophy

The course curriculum includes 8 teaching modules covering the essentials of real world teaching,
- Teaching modules & lectures
- Practice teaching & practical application
- Structured and one-to-one feedback
- Group class teaching
- Hands on assisting
By enrolling and completing any of our SSY programs around the world, you'll forever be a part of our global teaching community and will be welcome to join any and all of our SSY community events, receive special access to our online content and special deals, relationships and opportunities within the global (and your local SSY community) 

Check out all the details at www.sundayschoolyoga.com